What is a GIPHY Sticker?

What Is A GIPHY Sticker? A sticker is an (animated) GIF with transparent pixels. Giphy’s API powers the sticker experience in Facebook Messenger, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more. At this time, only GIFs from Artist and Brand channels are eligible to have there own stickers served through this API.
GIFs have seen an increase in popularity on social media platforms over the past couple of years. The popularity has dramatically increased after companies have started incorporating GIFs into their online marketing campaigns. Companies like Samsung and Starbucks are some of the big names that are using GIFs to bring life and excitement to their social media marketing strategy. GIFs are nothing new, but their use is more popular than ever. 

Engage your audience

GIFs stickers are known to encourage UGC (User Generated Content) on social media. UGC’s are a brand’s most valuable asset. The more content generated through users and consumers, the more visibility the brand gets. With GIF stickers, you can help in reaching out to audiences organically and get active engagement immediately. Brands use their tag lines, products, logos to create their shareable GIF content and this is an excellent way to spread awareness about your brand through your users and consumers because they will more likely use your GIFs and share your brand’s message and that will give the brand more visibility on social media platforms and drives traffic to your pages, and eventually your website. Most importantly, they can do it in a way that feels fun and cool and makes them feel good, which will push them to keep doing it. You won’t be required to spend a tremendous amount of money on additional advertising spend with the viral nature of GIFs. The investment you make into developing GIFs can be one that makes for a high return on investment. In recent years, user-generated content has become one of the crucial social proofs for brands worldwide. This type of content is important to brands because of its side effects. Some of them are sale increase, authenticity, increase in brand loyalty and trust.

7 Billion GIFs sent per day
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Of All Instagram Accounts use GIF Stickers
million instagram stories daily

Instagram sold consumers on the idea of overlaying stickers, frames and filters to photos and videos, personalizing content with the express purpose of sharing across social media, and it’s become crucial for brands to leverage this trend in order to stay engaged with customers. GIFs are great because they are available in Instagram and Snapchat and anyone can find a GIF with a unique keyword that may be your brand name or a description of services.  The soaring popularity of GIFs proves that anyone who’s serious about growing their influence on social simply can’t afford to not get on board. Beyond their popularity, the small, animated graphics are packed with insights for marketers to help shape future campaigns and creative. It’s still a fairly new domain for marketers, many brands have started experimenting with these animated stickers and are reporting impressive reach and engagement levels. 


Instagram has been pushing hard for brands and users alike to hop on the GIF Stickers bandwagon. It’s a great way for people to express their thoughts and feelings; where people are searching for brands and culture. And where every user is a potential brand evangelist. Brands must keep pace with changing trends.

It’s a great way to create brand ambassadors because people are sending these stickers to their friends organically; they love the content and they are spreading the brand to all of their friends by showcasing the communities they’re a part of and appealing to others like them. People who are friends tend to share the same interests, which means having stickers so your customers can share your brand with their friends is the perfect way to spread your brand.
You could create stickers that your audience uses in their own social media content to share with friends, family and followers. All organic.


A branded sticker campaign’s main objective is to organically increase brand awareness and engagement. Stickers are a revolutionary tool because it enables marketers to have their brand present in their customers everyday interactions across social media. This is a great way to reach people that are unreachable even people which you regularly do not target with your advertisements. One of the most important rules of social marketing is to be where your customers are.


Brand accounts on Giphy come with an analytics dashboard where stats are displayed the stats to look at the performance and efficiency of the GIFs you have, which is really helpful for measuring the impact of your Instagram Stories strategy as well as how popular your GIF stickers are. This is a great tool for brand managers to track the engagement of their GIF Stickers.

It’s an incredible branding opportunity to have your own stickers. The Internet has its own language, culture, and rules with GIFs being on the frontlines. Brands who want to keep at pace with the everyday trends that are inherent in the business world must be ready to embrace and implement new strategies as they come up by the day. It’s surprising that it’s remained quite underused by brands. It’s the most underrated game-changing tool for marketers. Brands that think strategically will not miss the opportunity to earn exposure on social media platforms by engaging their audience and investing in a brand-new strategy that delivers massive ROI. Just imagine your branded GIF in your costumers story when they use your product or receive your product or wear your product and the amount of people that will see it. Now, imagine how much it would cost you in adspend just to get in front of all these people. Is it worth it? Of course. There’s clearly a lot of potential here.


In order to have your own branded stickers show up in Instagram and Snapchat, you need to apply for a Giphy brand account. Not every brand is eligible for a brand account. We will review your social media accounts and run an audit to see if you’re ready to be submitted or if your accounts need adjustments. Our GIF experts at GIFLabs will take care of your application and make sure everything is ready to go! Our in-house graphic design team will design GIF Stickers that your costumers would love to use! We have worked with over 100+ brands worldwide. Our agency will handle your account and file your application directly. Contact us at jeremy@giflabs.com


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